5 Best Entry-level Tech Jobs to Get More Skills

When we talk about entry-level jobs, most of us imagine a task that involves lots of hard work but not enough compensation, unappreciated workers and too much stress which is taken to be a part of the learning process to get some good experience. The main reason why people opt for entry-level jobs is that gaining relevant experience and hard work can help them move forward in the right direction and land some better jobs in future. While the reasons for starting with an entry-level job are right, the images that come to mind with the entry-level job are certainly not.

Every job requires hard work and efforts but it does not mean that it is full of stress and is something to be dreaded. It just requires focus and a little hard work to ensure that you are able to learn all there is about the job and move forward to the next level. The good news is that entry-level tech jobs are very good as they do not require too much stress, help you learn more skills and pay well too.

While they do require some technical knowledge, they are also a great means to gain the experience that will help you in a successful tech career and even make enough money to support yourself comfortably.

Discussed here are 5 best entry-level tech jobs that will not only help to acquire more skills but also provide you with a chance to move forward in the field and do something good in the long run:

Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing managers look after the digital as well as social media marketing for any brand or company. Their main target is focusing on increasing sales, creating brand awareness and building more loyal customers. They manage all the problems that customers face while dealing with the company’s website or online portal including social media profiles, advertising and other means of communications.

Digital marketing managers are also responsible for exploring new avenues that can lead to better digital promotion. It is their job to assess anything that comes up new in the market such as new websites, platforms and technologies so that they can be used for the brand promotion and development. In order to apply for a digital marketing manager post, you must be familiar with SEO as well as SEM and have some relevant experience with conversion tests and experiments along with the ability to handle social media and online advertising efficiently.

Digital strategist

Digital strategist works with other members on the team as they have long term goals and brand strategy in mind. They all work together and seek recommendations regarding specific methods for implementing the best strategy for brand promotion and development. This is a great entry-level job for someone who is creative and likes to work as a part of the team, coming up with innovative ideas. A digital strategist also works with the marketing team as well as sales and product teams to meet business goals.

Content marketing manager

The main aim of a content marketing manager is to handle the marketing-focused content of a brand. It includes writing blogs, newsletters, press releases, white papers and even social media posts keeping in mind the marketing strategy of the brand. This content is also promoted on various platforms to achieve desired goals. If you are looking forward to this job, you must be creative and have a knack for developing new and bright ideas that will help to take the brand forward.

Web developer JR.

As a junior web developer, your tasks include creating codes that run the websites and web applications. You will be required to work with programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python. You will have to maintain and oversee their running as they grow and expand over a period of time. At some point, you might be required to work with a web designer to develop websites. You must have the knowledge and the right idea to interpret designs and implement them according to the designer’s specification in order to work as a web developer.

Data analyst

The job of a data analyst includes collecting data and information to find more details on specific topics. This data is collected through various means such as surveys, metrics and other methods and then this data is compiled, interpreted and presented by analysts in a user-friendly format like charts and graphs.  In order to work as a data analyst, you must have proficiency in database and programming languages like JavaScript or XML, and data mining and segmentation processes.

Internet and advanced technology have opened doors of opportunities to the young starters. It is up to you to choose the best field of study and start your career with the best entry-level tech jobs that help in learning great skills and move forward towards a successful career.

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