Global Warming and Current Situation In Antarctica

Current Situation In Antarctica

Antarctica is shifting its regional winds. It has meltdown the Ice sheet of West Antarctica. Ice lost, high temperature and snowmelt are the main causes of global warming in Antarctica. According to the summer calculations and modern research, the total ice loss was 43 gigatons per year and it is the most harmful object for the world.

Effects Of Global Warming

The ice melting effects are incredibly dangers. Continent-wide average surface temperature is not positive and normal for Antarctica. Approximately, 0.05 0c is the normal weather average that is positive and suitable. The ice sheet of the West Antarctic is warmed. It will be warmer in the winter and spring.  In 2009, research by a PhD dissertation writing service has shown that the whole continent will be warm after a few years. This research told that main cause of ice melting is greenhouse gases and fossil fuels. If this situation will continue then it can influence the overall climate. In the present situation, 3Oc temperature has been noted in the Antarctic Peninsula. Of course, this is not too much warm yet it has left many questions in the minds of the people.

It has accounted for the rate of global warming. Intergovernmental panel on climate change has reported it Global warming. Along with that, West Antarctic has been one of the warm parts of the planet. Its worthiness cannot be restricted due to Upper Ocean. The effects of upper oceans are also increasing it over time. However, the current situation of Antarctic is incredibly warm and it is increasing rapidly. Due to its fastness, the scientist has been alarmed. For high warmth, scientists are concerned about climate change. They have predicted that this climate can be more warmth in the future. Therefore, we should make some policies for wiping the dark effects of global warming.

Current Situation In Antarctica

The current situation of Antarctica is influencing the physical lives of the people. Along with that, it has changed the environment. Due to the sea ice alter, penguin colonies has been changed completely. Snow melting has increased and changed the colonization. However, scientists are agreed that climate crisis is the reason for human activities. Due to the environment change, human beings are facing a lot of difficulties. Columbia University has research that west Antarctica is the major acceleration of land flow and this acceleration is the main cause of ice melting.

The ice melting of the Antarctic can be a great cause of the sea-level rise. Researchers by different microblogging websites have predicted more snowfall and this is not good for the existence of the human being. This situation was predicted about 50 years ago. However, the people had not paid any attention and concerned toward this critical situation.  The warmth region of Antarctica is the Peninsula. Along with that, it has influenced the ozone and stratospheres of the South Pole.

If we talk about the interior part of the South Pole then we will realize how much it is affecting the lives of the living beings. I think this situation should be changed. In recent research and study, NASA has confirmed that the Antarctic now is melting continuously. Over time it will be fast and the ice shelf of Antarctica can be destroyed. However, the average temperature of this country is 2.4 degree. It can be same in the winter or summer. The possibilities of temperature change are very less.

The scientist has shown their main concern toward this issue. They have reported that the main issue is not the ice melting of Antarctica. Indeed, sheet melting can be dangerous for human beings. Along with that, it can reinforce global warming. This current situation can create a lot of issues in the natural changes. The global world should take some positive steps to control this panic situation. If some steps will not be taken to control this situation then its dangerous consequences’ will face the whole the world. All people should consider that Antarctica is the southernmost continent. They need to comprehend that has big importance in the geographical south pole.  Along with that, this city has been grounded by the southern oceans. They should take some steps to control the average of this continent.

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