Top 7 Coolest Edge Computing Startups in 2020

7 Coolest Edge Computing Startups

The main aim of the edge computing startup is to bring processing and storage capabilities closer to the customers. In other terms, we can say that we can easily do processing and get access to the data. As we know that IDC is the most famous research firm. According to this firm, the market of the edge computing will reach up to $250 billion till 2024. Almost 46% of the edge computing will be used in the form of the services. The share of the hardware will be 32%. Anyhow, there will be 22% of the market share in the form of the edge-related software. In 2020, lots of coolest edge computing startups have started. Here, we will discuss the top 7 coolest edge computing startups in 2020.


Cato Networks:

The CEO and co-founder of this edge computing startup are Shlomo Kramer. This edge computing startup is offering software-defined WAN and security at the edge. It means that it is a self-proclaimed SASE provider. Cato Network has offered two devices. These two devices are Edge SD-WAN device and Cato Socket. These two devices are available in the form of the zero-touch models. It means that users can easily use these devices just within few minutes. Its SASE service is providing the best security solutions to the users. In August 2020, its funding was $77 million. Nowadays, its funding has increased from $200 million. According to this company, there is an increase of almost 220% in its funding due to bookings. They have achieved this milestone under the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic. This company is performing well along with its partners.

7 Coolest Edge Computing Startups 2

Affirmed Networks:

This company is providing the fully virtualized gateway solutions to the users. It’s headquartered is in the US. It is providing the best mobile network solutions to users. The users can also get the virtualized cloud-native mobile solution. To provide the MEC based solutions to the users, they are using ACE (Affirmed Cloud Edge).  According to this network, they will provide help in the CSPs in the deployments of the CDN (Content Delivery Network). The users can also use their location-based services. Its location-based services are available for the AR, VR, autonomous vehicles and IoT etc. This company is also working with the world’s most famous companies like Microsoft Azure.


Edge Gravity:

Edge Gravity is using the SP edge networks. With the help of these SP Edge networks, they can deliver the media and app content at the edge. They are using the cloud infrastructure to provide these services to the users. It has also an ecosystem tool sub-categories. In these ecosystem tool sub-categories, there come Developer Platform and Cloud Aggregation etc. This company was founded in 2018 and it’s headquartered is in the US. This company is offering edge services to its users. They are also offering the ‘Edge Cloud Platform’ across the world. Edge Gravity is providing this service to the users both on the telegram operator infrastructure and hardware. The most important focus of its edge platforms is on the SDNs, online gaming and SD-WAN etc.


Aarna Networks:

The CEO and co-founder of the Aarna networks are the Amar Kapadia. The main specialization of this company is in the 5G and edge computing application. For this reason, they are offering an open-source and vendor-agonistic solution for the businessmen. This company was founded in 2017. For the orchestration and lifecycle management, they are offering the Multi-Cluster Orchestration Platform. They are also offering this platform for real-time policy control loop automation. With the help of this tool, they can easily automate 5G networking services and edge computing applications. It has become a channel-friendly firm for enterprise customers. By using this company, you can easily go into the market through VARs. After going through the firm, they can easily connect the enterprise customers.

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Edge Micro:

The CEO and founder of this company are Mike Hagan. The main specialization of this firm is in providing the edge collocation data centres. For this reason, they use proprietary Edge Traffic Exchange technology. By using this technology, it can easily facilitate local IP access. It means that users can get direct access to the cellular radios and compute services through the tower. Edge Micro has also started in 2017. The users can easily locate its data centres at various places. It means that they can easily get access to its services in the parking lots and rooftops. The services of the Edge Micro are different from others in various ways like design, site location and engineering etc.



According to a coursework writing services firm, it is the on-demand mobile edge computing platform. By using this platform, you can easily open up the network edge for the internal developers and third party. The ecosystem tool system of this cloud computing service is the application or software. The headquarter of this company is present in the UK. When you will use this firm, you will know that it has a fully integrated cloud infrastructure. The main target of this platform is the developers. They are offering the best user-interface to the developers. By using this platform, the developers can easily get the required results. On top of every edge, they are offering a SaaS layer. The developers can easily manage workloads by using this platform.



This company is providing the industrial computer platform for edge applications. To use their services, the users have to use their hardware. Anyhow, they are also providing the servers in the form of the sub-categories to the users. Kontron has it’s headquartered in Germany. For edge computing applications, they are offering a wide range of secure hardware and services. When you will use its services, you don’t need to worry about the costly data transmission. Its reason is that they are offering affordable data transmission to the users. The users can easily collect, process and analyze the data by using this platform. If you want to get the solutions to the wide range of computing services like vRAN, MEC and IoT, it is the best choice for you.