5 Biggest Surprises for Foreign Students in UK Colleges

Biggest Surprises for Foreign Students

Biggest Surprises for Foreign StudentsEvery student wants to live and study in the UK as it is the land of opportunities and provides a wonderful experience both in terms of education as well as professional life. Students wish for a great academic career as well as professional growth, and there is no better place than the UK to do it. The UK embassies all over the world get thousands of applications every day from aspiring students who seek admission to the most prestigious and old colleges and universities for the best educational experience.

However, everything is not always what it seems; while studying in the UK might be a great experience, there are many surprises that foreign students will get once they land here. From things that they find too good, to things that they do not understand, they will be surprised and will take some time to adjust to the new land, new things, and new environment. Students coming here should keep their minds open and accept what they find here to make their time here comfortable and easy, without struggling too much. This article by a coursework help firm discusses the 5 biggest surprises that foreign students will find in UK colleges and how to deal with them.

Declining Reputation:

There are several facts and likely scenarios at play that are having a detrimental impact on the UK’s standing within the global higher education market due to Brexit.  Now the UK is no longer the only place offering the best college education as a large number of people employed here in various capacities have returned to their home, and people who are currently employed in the UK higher education sector have taken their valuable expertise and experience with them, creating a hole which is not a good prospect for students who come here in search of the best teaching staff and methods that help them grow academically. Students would be surprised to know that many UK colleges have dropped down the ranking table, once they arrive here, and they are not being taught by the legendary professors.

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Increasing Global Competition:

The global competition continues to increase, and now Japan, China as well as universities and colleges in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand continue to make rapid improvements in their education system and attract more students. Students would be surprised to see that the college that they thought was the best and had the cream of students is now struggling to sustain and attract more foreign students. It is because people now prefer to study near their home instead of traveling so far to come to the UK when they have access to good education nearby.

Increasing Intolerance:

As the world conditions continue to deteriorate, people have become more intolerant, and foreign students would be surprised to see that sometimes even small and insignificant things can blow out of proportion and land them in trouble. More than teachers, the students are becoming intolerant of each other, and do not take criticism of one’s culture, religion, or society kindly, and even small things often result in big and messy issues.

Free Speech Restrictions:

Foreign students will find that free speech has become a thing of the past, and these days institutions face criticism when they give a platform and free hand to people who wish to express their views and ideas freely, targeting governments and establishments. Critics argue that free speech is harmful, and it can lead to further problems, and thus, colleges should not let students hold debates that can result in creating trouble for the academic institute.

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Things Are Not What They Are Promised:

Foreign students are surprised when they join the college as they find that things are not what they were promised or what they believed them to be. They will have to deal with several issues, most important of them all fitting in with other students, especially the locals, which can be tough sometimes as not every student is welcoming or friendly. Dealing with teachers, developing good relationships with them, and impressing them is also tough as sometimes teachers are not very accepting, and working with them becomes tough despite what the college brochure implied about things being all good.

Students will get to know several things and find a lot of surprises that they must deal with once they land in the UK to start their academic journey. They must keep their eyes and ears open and look forward to ways and means to make their stay in the UK a fruitful one and complete their degree most successfully.

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