What Is The STAR Method When Interviewing?


An interview is an essential form of a communication. In this communication, some questions are asked from the candidates and the candidates are bound to provide answers to these questions. There are a lot of techniques are adapted to conduct interviews but the STAR method is one of the most essential techniques to conduct an interview. It is a behavioural-based technique to conduct an interview. The situation, task, action and results are four main components of the STAR interview conducting method. If you don’t have enough idea about the STAR method of conducting the interviews, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services. The four main components of the STAR method of conducting the interview are explained below;

  • S – Situation

The ‘S’ of ‘STAR’ stands for the situation. This thing tells us that the interview should be opened with a brief discussion of the situation. The context of the situation should also be covered in this step. In the situation, the interviewee is required to describe the situation which is appropriate for him to complete a specific task. In this step, the candidate can give examples of his experiences. A candidate should provide enough detail about the situation that the interviewer can easily understand your point of view. One can easily describe the situation by getting answers to the following questions;

  1. What was the project?
  2. What was the main problem?
  3. Who was involved in this project?
  4. What were the desired outcomes of that project?
  5. How you achieved the required outcomes of the project?
  • T – Task

Interviewing 1The ‘T’ of ‘STAR’ stands for the task. In this step, the candidate should try to provide a brief explanation of the plan that he had devised and adapted to complete a specific project. This plan should be explained briefly. During this step, you can also explain two or three decisions that you had taken for the completion of this project. As we know that there is a thought process behind all the decisions and plans. You should also try to explain that thought process.

  • A – Action

The ‘A’ of ‘STAR’ stands for action. No doubt, to complete a specific project, we will have to take some actions. It is also an unavoidable thing for us to provide a complete detail about these actions during this interview. This thing is helpful to you to show you’re re-enforcing of involvement. Moreover, with the help of this action plan, the interviewer will also get an idea about your role while completing this project.

  • R – Results

The ‘R’ of ‘STAR’ stands for results. It is also a fact that there are some outcomes of a project. During this process, it is an unavoidable thing for the candidates to explain all the outcomes of the project. With the help of these outcomes, the interviewer can easily get an idea about the success of a project. After completing a project, you will get some experience. At this stage of the interview, it is also an unavoidable thing for you to share your experience with the interviewer.