The Toughest Exams in The World You Must Know

Toughest Exams

Toughest ExamsStudents always consider the exams the most challenging part of their education. And throughout the academic journey student have to give different exams. There are admission exams, final exams, job tests, and many others. Among them, some exams or tests are considered the toughest and challenging. According to assignment writing services, the purpose of creating these exams more challenging and difficult is to separate the cream from the rest of the pack.

Medical College Admission Test:

MCAT or Medical College Admission Test is a requirement in many countries for getting admission in medical college. It is used in countries, like the US, Canada, Australia, and Caribbean Island for over 90 years. This test is based on multiple-choice questions from biology, physics, chemistry, and social science. The time duration for this test is seven and half hours and its fee for one sitting is 315 dollars.


Gaokao formally known as National College Entrance Examination is the exam conducted every for college admissions in China. Its time duration is 9 hours for two days. According to statistics, only twenty-five percent of the total candidates pass the exams. The student must have a high school diploma or equivalent for sitting in the exam. There are three compulsory subjects Chinese, mathematics, and a foreign language. There are two categories for elective subjects; science and humanities. There are three subjects in the science group, physics, chemistry, and biology. The subjects for arts or humanity are geography, history, and political science. Students have to choose one elective subject from these two groups,

Chartered Financial Analyst:

It is an institute based test in the USA. CFA is a post-graduate certification program. It has three stages for which students have to study for more than three hundred hours. This exam has a very high value in the field of finance and accounting and if one successfully passes the exams he can get the dreamed job with the highest payoffs.

Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT):

Law National Aptitude Test was designed in 2004for admission to law universities in the UK. The duration of LNAT is 2.5 hours. The test is based on the reading and an essay section. The test has two sections. The first section is based on 12 passages with forty-two multiple-choice questions with a duration of 95 minutes. The second section is about the essay. There are three questions in this section from which student has to attempt one. This section must be completed in 4o minutes.

Putnam Exam:

The Putnam Exam is a mathematical competition for college students, comprising of two 3-hour sittings around the same time. During every meeting, students work on only 6 complex numerical questions requesting innovative arrangements. The issues don’t need any information past Algebra 2, yet are difficult for even the most refined mathematical majors (you can see test Putnam tests from earlier years here). Monetary rewards are in question for top individual scorers broadly, and for the numerical divisions with the most noteworthy scorers. Some mathematical offices additionally grant prizes to their students as it were.

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam:

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam is conducted by Oxford University. Based on the test result to top students are selected for prize fellowship. These two students are eligible to study at university for seven years without fee. Students who have obtained their bachelor’s degree from Oxford University in the last three years or are currently studying post-graduate can appear in the fellowship exam. This exam is conducted on annual basis. There are four papers (two from the general topic and two specific disciplines) in this exam and each paper is for three hours.


Mensa is a global exam conducted for IQ tests. The esteemed Mensa is the oldest society for people with high IQs in the world. It operates all over the globe. For entrance, you can take the affirmation test or another qualifying insight test at whatever stage in life. You should score in the 98th percentile on the Mensa Admission Test to be conceded into the charitable society in the United States, albeit different nations have their methods for entrance. The test questions are rationale-based riddles that can be very difficult. You can see a few instances of inquiries on the Mensa Workout page.