Best Tips to Turn Your Dissertation or Paper into a Publication

Transforming a dissertation or paper into a publication is not simply a matter of cutting useless parts out of dissertation and pasting them into a new document.  The process will differ from dissertation to paper, because, it requires different writing strategies. Writing a dissertation is highly competitive for all the students.  Here are best tips to turn your dissertation or paper into a publication.

  • Spotlight on a story that progresses reasonably, rather than chronologically

You should focus on a story that can create the interest of readers. Take some time before start writing your dissertation.

  • Do not try to write and edit at the same time

Open a file on the laptop and edit all your headlines and sub-headlines and then fill in under different ideas.  You should try to write and edit at the same time, because, it will make your paper worthless and valueless.

  • Do not bury your argument like a needle in a haystack

You should write a clear argument. It can create good feedback for you.  Do not make the hunt for your argument as for a needle in a haystack. Make sure that your argument runs in the different sections of the papers and ties the entire main paragraph. You can ask a colleague to check your work. Before publication, it is very important to proofread and recheck your dissertation or paper.

Pick your right journal: it is a bad sign if you do not recognize any of the editorials broad

You should check your dissertation or paper within the scope of the journal that you are publishing. This seems very obvious, but, it is very surprising how many dissertations are submitted to journals that are completely inappropriate. It is a bad sign if you do not recognize the names of any members of the editorials board.

Allows follow the correct submission procedures

It will take ten minutes to read all the instruction of the author. So, you should spend 10 minutes reading all the instructions. All these instruction will be proved most useful for you in the publication of your paper or dissertation. It is the best tip to turn your dissertation and paper into publication.

Do not repeat your abstract in the cover letter

We look to the cover letter for an indication from you about your thinking. It is an indication that what is most interesting in the paper or dissertation. You should not repeat your main abstract in the cover letter. A cover letter is a fit for your journal letter. A cover letter is a place for a bigger picture of the outline.

An ordinary motive for rejections is lack of context

Make sure that it is clear in the context. An ordinary motive for the dissertation is the lack of context and the lack of clarity. You should write why research is important. Be clear in the collecting data for your dissertation as well as paper. It is a most important and best tip to turn your dissertation and paper into a publication.

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