Analysis of Clinical Legal ethical Nursing Issue Paper

A person who is trained to take care of the sick and infirm is known as a nurse. The registered nurses are working in hospitals and outpatient facilities. There are lots of responsibilities of the nurses. The main responsibilities of the nurses are to record the medical history and symptoms of the patients, to collaborate with the patients, to work for the wellbeing of the patients, to operate and take care of the medical equipment and to perform some diagnostic tests.  A detailed guide about some clinical legal and ethical nursing issues explained below by buy dissertation online UK providers;

  • Signatures are golden

In a hospital, a doctor or a physician has to operate the patients. Before commencing the operation, it is the responsibility of a nurse to obtain signatures of the concerns of the patients. On this document, it is stated that the concerns understand the operating procedure and they also understand the risks and benefits of this procedure. If the concerns of the patients don’t show willing to this document, there is no need to commence the operating procedure. On the other hand, if a nurse doesn’t take the signatures of the concerns, the doctor and nurse are responsible for the damage of this operation.

  • Document

It is also the responsibility of a nurse that all the steps that a doctor takes for the cure of the patient should be written on a document. In these things, there come vital signs of the concerns of the patients, specimen collections and medication administration etc. If these documents are not prepared timely, the nurse will be responsible for all the negatives outcomes of this operation. Sometimes, there is a possibility that you have written a note on the chart unknowingly. Under such a situation, you can remove it by writing a note of caution. This note of caution should reflect why this error occurs and how you have removed it.

  • Report it or tort it

In a hospital, there is a possibility of some allegations. If there occur some allegations while curing a patient, it is the responsibility of the nurse to report these allegations to the authority. If the nurse doesn’t report these allegations to the authority, she will be responsible for this negligence. Therefore, a nurse should show enough care while reporting these allegations to the authority.

  • Rights to policy

It is also necessary for a nurse to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. According to this act, it is necessary for a nurse to ensure that she should keep the information of a patient private. The immediate care providers have the right to get access to this information. If the privacy of a nurse is beached, the nurse has to give an answer to her negligence. Its reason is that the nurse has the right to get immediate access to this private information.

  • Responsible for right dosing

In the US, due to the negligence in the meditation, every year almost 7,000 patients die and almost 7,700 patients are injured. Therefore, a nurse should also take care of the patients and try to dose them the right medicine. In this regard, a nurse has to follow these five rights of the patients;

  1. Provide them with the right dose
  2. Provide them with the right drugs
  3. Follow the right route for their meditation
  4. Provide them with the medicine at the right time
  5. Try to cure the right patients

If a nurse pays attention to these five rights of a patient, there are very fewer chances of errors. In other words, the nurse and the hospital can save them from possible damages.

  • Liability

In the profession of medicine, liability is a form of obligation that is followed and enforced by law. It is also subdivided into three subcategories. First is known as administrative liability. According to this liability, a nurse either violates the laws or she is failed to renew her license. Second is known as civil liability. According to civil liability, she harms the patients. The third is known as criminal liability. According to this liability, a nurse is committed to some kinds of crimes. In all the cases, the nurse has to face some legal issues.


A person who takes care of the sick and infirm is known as a nurse. In a hospital, there are lots of responsibilities of a nurse. Moreover, a nurse has to follow some legal issues. First of all, a nurse has to sign some essential documents before starting the operation. Secondly, she has to keep the records of the patients. Thirdly, she has to report all the allegations. Fourthly, a nurse is responsible for the care of the patients. At last, it is also necessary for a nurse to ensure the privacy of the record of the patients.

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