Next Plc SWOT Analysis

Next Plc is the name of multinational clothing and other product stores which are headquartered in Enderby. In the Next Plc, there come almost 700 stores. In these 700 stores, 519 stores are situated in the UK and other stores are situated in the Middle East. The founder of this company was Joseph Hepworth and he had founded this company in 1864 as a tailor. The SWOT analysis is the name of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular company. If you are not able to take a SWOT analysis of Next Plc, then you can get help from experts of dissertation writing services. Next Plc SWOT analysis is explained below;

  • Strengths of the Next Plc

Next Plc is considered as one of the leading firms in its industry. Therefore, there are a lot of strengths of the Next Plc that is helpful for it to thrive in the market. These strengths are not only helpful for it to sustain in the market but these strengths are also helpful to penetrate the new market. Some essential strengths of the Next Plc are given below;

  1. It has an impressive product innovation. With the help of this impressive product innovation, it is helpful for it to develop the new products.
  2. It has also a strong brand portfolio. This kind of strong brand portfolio is helpful for this company for the success of its new products and services.
  3. It has also a strong free cash flow. With the help of this strong free cash flow, the company is free to expand its new products.
  4. It has also impressive reliable suppliers. With the help of these suppliers, it is easy for a company to overcome all the bottlenecks of the supply chain.
  5. If we talk about its distribution network, then we also come to know that it has an impressive distributive network. Due to this strong distributive network, it is easy for it to reach the majority of the potential market.
  6. If we talk about the performance of this company from a point of view of the new market, then we also come to know that it has a superb performance in this regard.
  7. The skills and abilities of its workforce are also impressive. For this reason, they have started some training and learning programs.
  • Weaknesses of the Next Plc

Along with the strengths, there are also some weaknesses of the Next Plc. With the help of this SWOT analysis, we are going to highlight all the weaknesses of this company. These weaknesses are given below;

  1. The company should try to bring more and more investment in the market in order to compete with others.
  2. Its profitability ratio is also below the average profitability ratio of the market.
  3. Its financial planning is not done in an impressive way like the other firms.
  4. There is also a handsome amount of investment is required in the new technologies.
  5. The integrating firms of this company are not impressive.
  6. They also fail to integrate with the new and changing culture.

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