Skills That Graduates Must Have to Become Successful IT Manager

Become Successful IT Manager

Become Successful IT ManagerIn present circumstances, where the market is full of graduates and professionals with a limited and specific number of jobs available it is very important for every graduate to have certain skills and abilities that give them a competitive advantage over others. These skills which you can get easily with the help of assignment writing services are not only necessary for getting a job but also to have a successful career.

With so many universities around the world attracting the students from all over the world, we see a lack of good educational and instructive skills and abilities training. It looks like those universities and colleges are just making the students digest the books and theories and there is very little or no practical learning that develops the useful skills and abilities in students. And when the same students step in the market for the jobs and careers they are usually rejected due to their incompetency or poor basic skills like interpersonal skills, poor communication skills, poor planning and critical thinking, poor analytical thinking ability, poor problem solving and decision making skills.

In case of IT graduates, we see that these graduates are demanded not only the computer and information technology related skills but also managerial skills. The universities make the students focus more on the IT skills as they are the future IT professionals and give less importance to the managerial skills which are also demanded by the employer at the time of job interview. It is the fact that for an IT manager IT skills are useless if he does not have managerial skills because as a manager he has to supervise and manage the people and work of others. This article will discuss the skills besides IT related skills which a graduate must have to become a successful IT manager.

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Interpersonal Skills:

As an IT manager, you not only have to deal with the networks, software and IT modules but you also have to deal with the people within and outside the department. The IT department of an organization is responsible for looking after and handling the IT related issues of all departments of the organization. For this purpose and IT Manager must know who to deal with people and have successful relationships with them. They need leadership skills for leading the IT projects teams.

Communication Skills:

An IT manager must have strong written and verbal communication skills. As a manager, he is a communication channel between the management and front line staff. An IT manager needs strong written communication skills for preparing IT projects reports which show the progress, worth and feasibility of a certain project or a task. You need strong verbal communication skills for communicating the higher management messages to the front line staff. He needs to be an active listener, achievement recognizer, and friendly.

Planning and Organizing Skills:

An IT manager has to plan projects and tasks. He has to manage the workloads, oversee the work of other employees, has to train the subordinates and newcomers, prepare the appraisals and have to maintain the harmony and flow of work. He is also responsible for increasing the productivity and efficiency of the department. Lack of planning and organizing skills will only result in failures and messing up the work.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills:

A manager not only has to lead and plan but he also has to deal with the problems that occur in day to day work activities. He has to identify and resolve the IT related problems as well as he is also responsible for solving the problems that occur in the team like the conflict issues, work management issues, pressure handling, meeting the deadlines, motivating the staff and many more. For solving these problems a manager sometimes have to make instant and major decisions. So he needs good and strong decision making skills for foreseeing the result of the decision on individuals as well as organization.

Influencing Skills:

A manager you have to convince and influence the people. A manager is responsible to ensure that the things get done on time. For this, he has to persuade the staff in a certain direction to achieve the desired goals. An IT manager needs influencing skills when he has to convince the higher manager for bringing certain challenges in IT infrastructure of organization.

Skill learning is not a one-time process. It is an ongoing activity. No matter whatever your job is or at what stage of your career you are, you need skills for being successful.  So it is very necessary to keep learning and developing the skills.

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