Some Top Google Chrome Extensions to Expand Your Vocabulary

Chrome Extensions to Expand Vocabulary

A set of familiar words within the language of a person is known as vocabulary. Vocabulary is known as a fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. There are lots of benefits of vocabulary for the students like it is important for the language development, it is important to communicate the ideas, it is important to express the ideas and it is important for the occupational success. If you want to expand your vocabulary, you can use some Google Chrome extensions. Here, experts of a dissertation writing service will provide some top Google Chrome extensions that are helpful to expand vocabulary.



It is a handy extension to enhance vocabulary. After installing it in the Google Chrome and registering in it, you just need to choose the target language. You can easily choose your weekly goals on this app and it is also possible for you to solve different tasks on it. In order to master some specific skills in the required language, Duolingo also offers some courses for the users.



It is also an essential extension that is helpful to you to expand your vocabulary in the target language. If you install it in the Google Chrome, you can easily get an alternative of the word in the required language just by clicking this word in your local language. In order to memorize different words and phrases, it also allows the users to create cards. The most essential aspect of this extension is that it supports up to 40 languages. It means that you can expand your vocabulary in 40 different languages.



While expanding your vocabulary, there is a possibility that you are not able to pronounce some specific words. Under such a situation, this is the best extension for you. Moreover, you can also highlight the text on any webpage and you can also convert the highlighted text into speech. This essential extension also supports more than 50 languages and it is helpful for you to learn English.



This essential extension provides different experiences to learn vocabulary words. Moreover, it also provides some variations for the traditional flashcard features. You can also attach your own images with the words that you have learnt by using this essential extension. These images will provide you clues if you have forgotten these new words. This essential extension also offers some other exercises for the users. With the help of these exercises, it is possible for the users to pronounce the words and to build new words.



This is also an essential extension which is helpful for us to learn a new language. With the help of this extension, it is easy for you to learn new words that you don’t know just by clicking on these words. When you click on these words, it will provide you with the definition of these words. After understanding the definition of the required words, you will never be able to forget these words. Moreover, it will also store these words in your personal collection and it will also create some flashcards for you. On the basis of your current knowledge, this extension will also suggest some reading material.


Language Immersion:

According to scientists, if you want to learn a new language frequently, it is necessary for you to immerse yourself in this language. To immerse ourselves in the language is a difficult task for us. For this reason, we can use an extension for our browser. This extension will allow the readers to immerse themselves in the new language just by adding it your reading material. When you add it in your reading material, it will replace most familiar words with unfamiliar words automatically. As a result, you will get a chance to learn new words.



QuizCrads is offering a new experience for the users to enhance their vocabulary. You just need to install it in your browser and click on it in your browser. After clicking on it in your browser, it will automatically create flashcards to you to learn new words. The most essential aspect of this extension is that it will assign some scores to you on the basis of your performance and it will also provide you with an idea about those words which are creating troubles to you. For this reason, it will also take tests of the users in different ways like multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and fill in the textboxes.

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