A Guide on Writing a PhD Research Proposal That Meet the Requirements and Expectations of Your Desired Department

Not every graduate student wants to go for PhD but still, there is high number of applicants for PhD and same is the criteria for selection of a PhD candidate in a department. This is the reason why it’s becoming difficult for students to get enrolled for a doctoral degree in a department of their field of study. The first major reason of failure or students afraid of being failed in getting admission for doctoral studies is the research proposal that is always required by all institutes from an applicant of PhD degree in the relevant department. So if you are among those students then this is the time to get relief from the worries and learn some guideline in order to write a research proposal for the respective department with the surety of success. Surety of success comes when your written work is according to the given guidelines and the key thing that a PhD applicant need to keep in his mind that each department or institute has their own requirements. So follow the requirement of the respective department where you are going to submit your application.

First: No doubt there are some standard guidelines for PhD research proposal but writing one proposal on the basis of those guidelines and submitting the same copy without any amendment or special format in all departments or institute is most probably the key reason behind the application rejection.

Second: You have written research proposal before in your undergraduate and graduate studies but this is quite different so keep this thing in your mind. It might have the same content list to add in like;

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Variables (dependent and independent)
  • Factors or Concepts of discussion
  • Theoretical or Conceptual Framework
  • Methodology
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Ethical Statement
  • Conclusion
  • References

Each section of your research proposal requires you to clearly state the purpose of your research and significance of chosen area of research. Outcomes of a PhD study must be implacable in the relevant practical field and as well develop an authentic and approved academic literature for future studies. This phenomenon must be kept in mind while writing the research proposal.

Third: Follow the word length limit given by each department while preparing a final draft for the respective department as each institute has different requirements in terms of the word limit, formatting, structuring and referencing styles.

Fourth: Introduction section of your research proposal must describe and discuss research question, research objectives and aims, and the hypothesis of the study. Here the hypothesis is meant to define the question of study for each key variable including dependent and independent.

Fifth: In terms of writing ethical statement you need to consider the ethical values of the country of the institute so if you are applying in the department of institutes located in different countries then the academic, research and social ethical values vary. So study them before writing the proposal and proofread and match before submission.

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