The Basics Rules and Tips of Writing a Critical Review

This article is a basic set of advice that you need to consider along with the rules and tips of critical review writing. It is recommended that must follow the instructions given by your institute or course advisor first and use this guideline to get an idea of writing a critical review paper. As we all have known about the terms that make the phenomenon of critical review that is a combination of ‘critics’ and ‘review’. So this is a task that requires critically analysing an article, book or any other piece of writing or information and writing a review on it. For this purpose, you need to read the given text i.e. an article or a book for several times so you can understand what it is about. Another thing that I would really like to clear be that never interpret the meaning of critics as a negative comment, it is something that asks you to go in-depth analysis and find positive and negatives at the same time.Further critical review means is to ask questions about the information provided in a text on the basis of your knowledge and research on the topic. This writing requires you to read the text carefully and take into consideration of all aspects of text in terms of relationships with relevant theories, framework and approaches of the relevant course.

These are the tips to follow for writing a critical review by asking some simple questions about the text and writing about different sections and steps of writing;

  • Writing Summary of Article:
  • State the name of an author and what is his purpose of writing the text?
  • Who is audience or reader of the text?
  • What methods of organization of information author has used?
  • State the argument discussed in the text.
  • How are examples relevant or irrelevant to the topic that author has quoted in the text?
  • What is the conclusion of the text, a conclusive statement of the author about his text?
  • Content Analysis:
  • How the examples are credible or not?
  • How do the examples relate to the topic with the comparison to other relevant topics you have read on the topic?
  • What is the learning point of text?
  • Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Which points and ideas of the text should be included in the introduction section of the critical review?
  • Which points are for the body of the critical review essay?
  • How to organize points in a sequence to make a sense for the reader?
  • What is the conclusion of critical analysis on the topic or text?

Some more tips are here;

  • If you are quoting direct quotations from the text in your critical review then use quotation marks or inverted commas.
  • Tell your reader clearly what you have got from the text as a point of learning
  • Be sure about your conclusive statement that must be synthesis of the key ideas presented in text
  • Always include a reference section that must include the reference of chosen text for critical review plus other related articles that you selected for the comparison.

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