What Are The Three Parts Of The Introduction Paragraph?

An introductory paragraph is probably considered as the first paragraph of an academic paper. That’s why the introductory paragraph of an essay introduces the main idea or theme of the essay. With the help of a good introductory paragraph, the students can easily capture the interest of the audience members. Moreover, the author can also tell the importance of his academic paper with the help of an impressive introductory paragraph. If a student is not able to craft a mind-blowing introductory paragraph for an essay, then he/she can get help from experts of essay writing services. The three parts of the introductory paragraph of an essay are given below;

  • Opening statement

The opening statement of an introductory paragraph is just like a hook. Like the hook, the main purpose of an opening statement is also to get the attention of the audience members. No doubt, to write an opening statement is a real problem for the students. To write an opening statement, first of all, the students will have to prepare themselves for the opening statement writing task. The students can easily prepare themselves for the opening statement writing task by identifying the purpose of the opening statement, by identifying the content which is relevant to the opening statement, and by identifying the interest and tone of the audience members. Secondly, the students should try to write down the opening statement. They can easily write down the opening statement by writing down the introductory remarks, by introducing their things and places, by identifying their disputes, and by telling their story. To practice, the opening statement is also an essential way for the students to craft a mind-blowing opening statement. A student can practice the opening statement before the mirror, friends, and class fellows.

  • Supporting statements

The supporting statements are those statements which provide a solid link between the hook and thesis statement. There are a lot of types of supporting statements. The first type is known as specific examples. These specific examples can imagine the attention of the readers. The second type is known as facts. These facts can support your assertions in an academic paper. The third type is known as reasons. The students can easily develop reasons from facts and opinions. The fourth type is known as descriptions and anecdotes. They can describe the particular situation of your topic. The last type is known as expert opinions. You can also include the opinions of the expert persons in the introductory paragraph.

  • Thesis statement

It is one of the trickiest tasks to craft a thesis statement for an essay or any other academic paper. The third and the most important part of an introductory paragraph is known as a thesis statement. The main aim of a thesis statement is to explain the main purpose or plan to write an academic paper. A thesis statement consists of two or three arguments. These arguments are presented by keeping in mind the main theme of the academic paper. You should try to craft such arguments for your thesis statement for which you have enough examples and evidence to prove them true.

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