What Are ‘Smartphone Use’ Implications In Classrooms?

A Smartphone is a type of a cellular telephone. There is an integration of computer and operating system in a Smartphone. A Smartphone can easily run software applications. First of all, the concept of a Smartphone was given in 1992. Its name was IBM’s Simon and it was used just for sending and receiving emails and faxes. Nowadays, we have a very advanced Smartphone and it can perform numerous functions. That’s why we are using it in our education system. If you are not able to write an assignment about the uses of Smartphone in classrooms, you can get help from essay writing services. Some implications of ‘Smartphone Use’ in the classrooms are given below;

  • More convenience

It is undeniably convenient to use Smartphone in the classroom. This is a ubiquitous communication tool for the students. With the help of this ubiquitous communication tool, it is easy for the students to contact with their peers, teachers and parents instantly. You can also discuss difficult assignments with your peers and faculty members.

  • Greater technology availability

As we know that this is an era of science and technology and we can’t deny the importance of Smartphone in the classroom. With the help of a Smartphone, we can take pictures of important documents and we can also surf the internet. This aids the students to gather the required information and to get access to the emails. Due to the availability of Smartphone, we can easily polish our academic products with fewer efforts.

  • Improved personal security

Most of the parents agree that Smartphone is also helpful to keep students safe. The parents can easily contact with their children just with a call. The parents can also get information about the safety of their children in the case of an unforeseen emergency.

  • More distractions

It is also a fact that a Smartphone can also become a cause of distraction for the students. For example, if a student sends a text message during class, then his attention will be diverted. As a result, he is not able to understand a particular concept. Moreover, if the Smartphone rings during the class, then it can also distract the attention of the whole class.

  • Ability to engage in inappropriate behaviours

There are also some features of a Smartphone which can become a cause of engaging inappropriate behaviours among the students. Some students take inappropriate pictures of their boyfriends or girlfriends and send these pictures in wrong hands. As a result, these people get access to the private pictures of a student and a lot of consequences can occur.

  • Memory Jogger

The students can also use the Smartphone for memory jogger. For example, if it is hard for a student to memorize a complicated diagram, he can take a snap of this diagram. Sometimes, there is also a possibility that a student is not able to clearly understand the process of an experiment. Under such a situation, he can make a video of its procedure. Moreover, a student can also record the voice of his professor while delivering a lecture.

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